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Specialists in Design, Manufacture and Supply of Interior Aircraft Placards and External Decals


Biggles Labelling Limited is the industries' leading manufacturer and supplier of internal aircraft placards. We provide an unrivalled range of decals and placards for a full range of commercial, freight and executive aircraft.

Our current product range offers an unequalled 20,000+ individual parts. No other company offers such a range of placards and decals as Biggles Labelling Ltd.

Formed in 1988, Biggles Labelling combines 25 years experience with unmatched standards of quality and dedication. Whether you require individual placards or complete interior kits, Biggles Labelling offers a complete solution to all your placard and decal requirements.

Aviation-approved labelling materials

Biggles Labelling manufactures all placards on the aerospace-approved range of Lexan and Makrofol polycarbonate substrates (BMS 10-26).

All placards are reverse screen-printed, a process that combines excellent image definition with durability and longevity. This method also allows accurate colour matches to be made to cabin interior colour schemes using Pantone or RAL references or even to samples of cabin trim materials, a vital requirement when refurbishing cabin interiors.

Our polycarbonate placards have received independent FAR 25.853(a) approval. All placards are supplied with 3M 468 high bond adhesive backing, if required even higher bond adhesive tapes can also be utilised.

ISO-controlled production standards

As a BS EN ISO 9001:2008 approved company, Biggles Labelling operates a stringent production and quality control policy, which is audited annually by independent assessors and customers alike.

All products are supplied with an OEM Certificate of Conformance and are subject to quality checks at all stages of the manufacturing process.

The details of every placard and decal is recorded on our custom-built stock control system, which also cross refers to over 15,000 manufacturers' part numbers including Airbus, Boeing, British Aerospace, Canadair, Embraer and Gulfstream. With access to the latest AMM's and IPC's our product range is constantly expanding.

Comprehensive placard products

Each aircraft type in our product portfolio is covered by an extensive range of placards, including all the manufacturer fitted types, together with bespoke markers produced to particular customer specifications. These cover all areas of the cabin interior as well as the flight deck, passenger seats and crew rests.

The range includes a full selection of foreign language and bi-lingual placards including Arabic, Japanese and Mandarin (both simplified and traditional). These are produced using the manufacturers' interior colour schemes as well as those produced to suit customer's own unique requirements.

Galley placards are also produced covering units from JAMCO, Sell and Zodiac amongst others. Our range of external and freight hold decals, markers, spray masks and stencils is just as comprehensive.

Internal placards for aircraft

Recent projects undertaken by Biggles Labelling Ltd include:

  • The manufacture and supply of six complete Airbus A330-300 internal placard kits in English-Malaysian dual language format. These were manufactured to match the new cabin interiors fitted by the airline
  • A further expansion of the internal placard range for the new Boeing B787 aircraft to include placards in Arabic, Hindi, Mandarin, Polish, Indonesian and Azerbaijani
  • The introduction of an entirely new range of placards for a major European aircraft seating manufacturer. These have been designed and produced to match the unique and diverse nature of first and business class cabins
  • The production and supply of placards to support the business class cabins of a major European flag carrier. These highly detailed and complex placards feature vital operational information regarding the passenger seats and fittings

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