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February 2014 Top

Issue 9 | February 2014
In this issue: We list the busiest airports in the US, look at Brisbane’s new bioport concept, explore innovative facilities at JFK, investigate the first ‘stealthy building’ from Airbus and much more

November 2013 Top

Issue 8 | November 2013
In this issue: The winner of the AIR Innovations in Passenger Service Technology Award 2013, how to build a passenger-centric airport, smart retail strategies at London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports, the new Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles, progress of Honeywell’s electric green taxiing technology, how a system that dissipates wake turbulence could increase airport capacity, and more

August 2013 Top

Issue 7 | August 2013
In this issue: What the US sequestration stand-off means for the industry, how airports use passenger data for security purposes and beyond, the nominees for the AIR awards 2013, future-proofing radar networks against interference from 4G signals, Warsaw Chopin Airport’s winning social media strategy, and more

May 2013 Top

Issue 6 | May 2013
In this issue: ADS-B coverage for remote areas, how SESAR could make airspace ten times safer, Dubai International Airport’s world-first A380 facility and innovative baggage handling systems, top airport entertainment and leisure facilities, and more

February 2013 Top

Issue 5 | February 2013
In this issue: Are ADS-B systems secure from hackers? Plus: 3D holographic radar technology, Qatar’s troubled new airport development, China’s emerging destinations, avatars as airport staff, and more.

November Top

Issue 4 | November 2012
In this issue: Winter-proof runways | Sweden’s green flights | Single European Sky progress | How game theory applies to airport security | Solar powered airfield lighting | Intelligent airports, and much more

August Top

Issue 3 | August 2012
In this issue: Emerging mega hubs in the Middle East | Will London’s airport cope with Olympic traffic? | BAA’s IT blueprint for the future | Amsterdam Schiphol’s smart cargo systems | Cutting carbon and costs with electric taxiing, and more

May Top

Issue 2 | May 2012
In this issue we explore the latest airport security technology, take a look at Germany’s latest ATC systems upgrade as well as new technologies that promise to streamline baggage handling processes, and find out how aircraft refuelling operations can achieve the perfect balance between speed and safety. We also check in on Brazil’s huge airports upgrade ahead of the 2014 World Cup.

February Top

Issue 1 | February 2012
Gateways to the world: We find out how today’s airport blueprints merge operational efficiency and cost savings with iconic designs. We also look at emerging European destinations, new technology to improve airfield safety, and the technological implications of the upcoming relaxation of the liquids ban on European flights.