TeleCommunication Systems Total Electronic Parts Management and Ground Station Solutions for the Aerospace Industry


TeleCommunication Systems (TCS) Space & Component Technology division specializes in high-reliability electronic components essential for reliable and long-life spacecraft.

With more than 35 years of unparalleled success in the industry, TCS brings experience and expertise for servicing virtually every aspect of parts programme management and supply.

Ground station solutions to the international space sector

TCS is a full-service provider of integrated launch tracking, telemetry, and command solutions. We provide comprehensive ground system services that encompass all aspects of the design and development, installation, facility construction, operations, and maintenance of facilities.

In addition, TCS specializes in ultra-rugged solid state drives (SSDs) and survivable data storage for military, aerospace and industrial applications. These drives are able to function in the most demanding environments and can be shipped in both highly-customized and industry-standard configurations.

Engineering and design support for aerospace applications

TCS’s engineering team has extensive knowledge of industry standards and specifications such as DSCC, NASA, GSFC, MSFC, ESCC and others to ensure that customers’ electrical, electronic, and electromechanical (EEE) parts meet space-level requirements.

TCS capabilities include:

  • Bill of materials (BOM) review, design assistance, parts selection, and parts engineering
  • Radiation analysis, de-rating, test
  • Device screening, qualification and upscreen testing
  • Plastic encapsulated microcircuit (PEM) screening and qualification
  • Supply chain management
  • Obsolescence lifecycle management and obsolete part manufacturing
  • Counterfeit parts detection
  • Failure analysis and construction analysis
  • Die procurement, packaging, test and qualification
  • Custom part specifications and manufacturing
  • Radiation tolerant memory devices
  • Custom packaging for space and military applications
  • BOM kitting
  • Long-term storage of parts and data

Procurement and quality assurance for space level parts

TCS can simplify high-reliability space parts procurement problems by managing all aspects of quality assurance. With the ability to provide space-level parts from manufacturers worldwide, TCS can provide quality and performance that are uncompromised, passing significant time and cost savings onto our customers.

Manufacturing support for spacecraft

TCS knows that the complexities of designing and manufacturing a spacecraft are overwhelming. From the initial design phase, TCS offers comprehensive high reliability parts manufacturing support with a dedicated team of managers, engineers, buyers and quality assurance (QA) technicians. We provide services for assembly, integration and test support.

Export compliance of space components and technology

Over 35 years, TCS Space & Component Technology has developed and maintained the required expertise necessary to fully assure compliance to all necessary export regulations, utilizing a full-time export compliance department, which includes fully-trained staff and export attorneys.

Our export department:

  • Reviews every export transaction in advance to ensure that all aspects are handled properly and legally
  • Has applied for and received thousands of DoS and DoC export licenses
  • Places significant emphasis on proper export compliance to minimize contract risk and works to ensure on-time delivery. License activities begin immediately upon receipt of contract and all customer supplied export information
  • Immediately responds to and resolves any issues or questions from export license authorities
  • Resolves export issues in a manner that reflects positively on our customer, working cooperatively with export authorities to ensure timely approval of export licenses

After-delivery service for space industry products

TCS offers comprehensive after-delivery service for all delivered products, which includes long-term storage of data, kitting to customer BOM, problem analysis and resolution, extended warranty and more.

Radiation-tolerant components for space systems

Space systems are often subject to the effects of radiation, which TCS provides radiation-tolerant to minimize. TCS items are based on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) devices that are characterized and then qualified after undergoing rigorous radiation testing.

TCS products have a high-tolerance for radiation. They are packaged in space-quality hermetic packages and can be tested and qualified to Class-S requirements. We focus on memory products used in high-reliability storage systems and mission computers.

Ground system services for launch vehicle telemetry

TCS’s Ground Systems (GS) Group is a full service provider of solutions for launch vehicle telemetry, satellite / vehicle tracking and command including:

  • System design
  • Software and hardware development
  • Integration and installation
  • Facilities design and construction
  • Operations and maintenance
  • System upgrades and equipment retrofit
  • Site staffing
  • Logistics and transportation solutions / export licenses

Site management in adverse conditions

TCS understands the critical importance of having the site ready for operations when required. We provide site management services to meet specific customer requirements. By making the best usage of local labor and service with appropriate TCS oversight, we can provide a cost-effective, reliable, and flexible site management solution. We are vastly experienced in managing sites in harsh environments with limited or no local infrastructure.

System integration for telemetry and communications equipment

Through TCS’s processes of detailed systems engineering, along with continued process improvement, we can provide fully integrated telemetry and communications equipment, facilities, operations and logistics in the most cost-effective solution tailored specifically to the customers’ mission requirements.

Operations and maintenance (O&M) for satellites

TCS staff are deployed to several ground station locations and oversee the daily maintenance to ensure the system is maintained in an operational-ready state at all times. During launch operational periods, TCS deploys technical support teams who are experts on ground station-related equipment.

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Press Release

TeleCommunication Systems to Attend Space Tech Expo 2013

TeleCommunication Systems is hosting a booth at Space Tech Expo 2013 in the US.

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Press Release

22 May 2013

TeleCommunication Systems is hosting a booth at Space Tech Expo 2013 in the US.

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