Icore International Aircraft Electrical Harness Interconnects, Fluid Hoses and Power Connectors

Icore International offers innovative, high performance solutions for a wide range of electrical and fluid interconnect applications for civil and military aerospace systems.

Our extensive experience in these markets means that we offer an in depth knowledge of individual shielding requirements, for example EMC, EMP, RFI, HIRF, and lightning strike protection, combined with an understanding of the need for minimum weight, maximum reliability and maintainability, and the most cost effective design.

Icore’s policy is to work in partnership with its customers and their principal suppliers to design integrated systems that both meet the performance requirements and result in the most cost effective solutions.

Icore’s product range includes:

  • Electrical harness interconnects
  • Flexible PTFE fluid hoses
  • Quick disconnect couplings
  • High current contact band technology and high current power connectors

Icore’s aircraft electrical harness interconnect product range comprises:

  • Electrical conduit systems
  • Termination systems for open-wired, overbraided or shrink sleeved harnesses
  • Electrical connector accessories
  • Adapters and backshells (metallic and composite materials)

Icore holds BS EN ISO9001/2000, AS9100, ISO14001 and EASA Part 21 Sub Part ‘G’ design and manufacturing approvals, as well as many individual customer approvals.


Icore specialise in the design and supply of mechanical and electrical screening protection for wired harnesses in applications ranging from fly by wire and landing gear systems on commercial aircraft to secure communications and weapons systems on military aircraft.

  • Antennae harnesses
  • APU fuel hoses
  • De-icing systems
  • Engine harnesses
  • Electronics cooling systems
  • Fuel systems
  • In-flight entertainment systems harnesses
  • Landing gear systems
  • Oxygen systems
  • Weapons systems


Icore’s electrical interconnects are designed to be light weight and include conduited and non conduited systems, and a wide range of electrical connector accessories, adapters, backshells and raceway breakout solutions.

Conduit systems utilize proven materials such as PTFE and PEEK, with a wide range of overbraid options to achieve optimum screening performance at minimum weight.

Electrical connector accessories, adapters and backshells (in both metallic and composite materials) offer design solutions for terminating open wired, overbraided, conduited or shrink sleeve harnesses, including those requiring special cable screen termination devices, and design solutions are available for terminating rigid pipes and raceways.


Icore is unique in its ability to design and manufacture both electrical and fluid interconnect systems for high performance applications.

As both a manufacturer of convoluted PTFE hose, and the UK distributor for Stratoflex, we can supply a wide range of aerospace qualified or general purpose high, medium or low pressure flexible PTFE hoses and quick disconnect couplings for applications ranging from fuel systems to electronics cooling equipment.

Icore’s own aerospace hose range includes Nomex™ braided non-conductive hose conforming to AS1227 – ideal for use in oxygen systems, instrumentation, potable water and coolant lines for radar, aircraft and ground support- and stainless steel braided hose conforming to AS620 (BSM 57, ISO7313)– ideal for hydraulic returns, fuel, oil and coolant lines for aircraft and ground support, and high pressure hose assemblies.


Icore high current connectors are designed using our own proven high performance contact band technology -for a current range between 50A and 10,000A- with its associated benefits of low insertion force, low voltage drop and low contact resistance. Potential applications for this technology are many, but include ground power and ‘power by wire’ applications

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