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Skyconnect Satellite-Based Voice, Tracking and Data Systems for Aircraft

Sky Connect Australia is the Australian & Asian Distributor of the EMS Aviation – Sky Connect satellite-based voice, tracking and data systems for aircraft.

We are your one-stop voice and tracking solution for any mission, anywhere in the world. Join the hundreds of private, commercial and international government aircraft fleets relying on EMS Sky Connect for reliable systems and affordable service plans.

With EMS Sky Connect’s products, you can offer the best in-flight voice, data and tracking services to your pilots, your flight staff and your passengers on any type of mission, anywhere in the world.

Aircraft phone systems

Versatile EMS Sky Connect systems can be integrated into cockpit headsets, provide simple single-handset service, or provisioned to support an executive jet with up to four cordless phones per line with access to e-mail and the internet.

Two-way text and voice message control for aircrafts

The Mission Management Unit-II (MMU-II) Controller integrates two-way text messaging and voice telephone into compact, easy-to-use, easy-to-read controller. Available with NVIS/NVG-compatible filters.

Aircraft wireless handset system

The Forté aircraft wireless handset system offers your crew and passengers up to four cordless handsets to access single or dual Iridium phone lines in any cabin-class aircraft.

Corded aircraft handset system

The Forté corded handset systems provide excellent noise attenuation for unparalleled telephone performance in any aircraft.

Aircraft position dialer

The Fleet 11 position dialer combines aircraft tracking with critical status reporting and headset voice telephone service in a compact, easy to install system. Available with NVIS/NVG-compatible filters.

Satellite-based voice, tracking and data systems for aircraft

Led by a team of industry aviation experts, engineers and pilots, SkyConnect Australia understands your need for voice and tracking solutions that simply work when you need them to and do not cost more than they should.

We combine several features into single transceiver units for voice, tracking and data. Systems are compact, light-weight and reliable and feature versatile architecture and designs which are easily adapted to your specific requirements.

All of our equipment and components pass rigorous quality control checkpoints. We stand 100% by our product and equipment warranties with an in-house technical team for installation and maintenance support. We also offer competitive and affordable monthly rate plans based on your usage.

No fleet is too small or too substantial to leverage the power of Sky Connect’s reliable solutions delivered from the Iridium satellite network for maximum global coverage and effectiveness.

Offering the world’s first seamless global flight tracking system, providing 100 percent worldwide pole-to-pole coverage, the EMS Sky Connect TRACKER and voice communication systems now support hundreds of private, commercial and international government fleets.

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SkyConnect Australia Pty Ltd

16 Lodge Road

Wooloowin,Qld 4030



+61 4 1773 3348 +61 7 3319 6389

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SkyConnect Australia Pty Ltd

16 Lodge Road

Wooloowin,Qld 4030



+61 4 1773 3348 +61 7 3319 6389

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