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Kuerzi Avionics is an independent family-owned company founded in 1978. The company is an EASA-approved design, production and maintenance organisation focused on avionics development, production, integration and certification on airplanes and rotorcrafts.

Avionics components and services

We provide a range of avionics components and services, including:

  • Design of analog and/or digital printed circuit-boards including controller kernels
  • Software development according to DO-178B
  • Development of cases including racks and other mechanical parts as required for aircraft integration
  • Environmental testing according DO-160 standards as required by the type investigation

Aircraft systems design, assessment and integration

We provide a range of turnkey services for aircraft systems, including:

  • System design from component level up to aircraft level
  • Safety assessment process according SAE standards from aircraft level     down to component level
  • System integration on aircraft, including certification

Aircraft parts production and installation

We produce aircraft parts and appliances according to design data and issuing EASA form 1. We also produce installation kits including mechanical parts, wiring and units as required by the customer.

Maintenance work on fixed wing and rotorcraft helicopters

We carry out maintenance work on most type of helicopters up to Super Puma, Sikorsky SX71B etc, and fixed wing aircraft up to business jets such as Learjets, Challenger Gulfstream G-4, G-5 etc. We can also carry out components repair and overhaul on most standard equipment and own products including issuing of the release certificate EASA FormOne.

Flight testing services

We provide a wide range of flight testing services, including:

  • Approval of flight conditions and issuing permit to fly
  • Flight testing in and outside approved envelopes with all aircraft categories fixed wing and rotorcraft
  • Analysis of recorded data as required by the type investigation

Aircraft manufacturing services

We assist in the development of EASA STC and / or EASA minor change approvals and deliver complete installation packages to allow efficient installation during aircraft production. We can also provide validation of design data to third-party countries such as the US.

Aircraft design services

We also assist design organisations with their construction, calculations, simulations and development as required by the customer.

Type investigation services for production organisations

We perform type investigation to achieve approved design data and allow the issuing of EASA form 1 without ETSO approval.

We also provide services we for other maintenance organisations such as the development of EASA STC and / or EASA minor change approvals, and providing data package and including material as requested by the customer.

Avionics and electrical services

We provide all avionics and electrical services required for an operator and/or a CAMO to keep the aircraft in service including NVIS (NVG) modification and certification for rotorcraft fleets.

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Kuerzi Avionics


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+41 (0) 52 376 22 27 +41 (0) 52 376 23 22 www.kuerzi.com