Quality Avionics Avionics Supply, Installation, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Services

Quality Avionics is a family owned and operated business providing fixed and rotary wing avionics support in maintenance service, repairs and both new and second hand product sales.

Based at Archerfield airport in Brisbane we have an established client base throughout Australia and overseas and are proud of the fact we maintain and support airlines and clients in the Pacific Rim as well as the general aviation sector.

We believe in providing Quality Service representing excellent value for money and stand by the hard won reputation we have established since 1984.

Aircraft servicing and repair

When having your aircraft electronics operating at optimum levels is critically important – contact Quality Avionics.

When you need aircraft servicing, instrument or radio replacement, repair or new equipment quickly and efficiently supplied or installed – contact Quality Avionics.

Quality Avionics is your one stop shop for aircraft and helicopter owners wanting to find their way – with safety and security in all weather conditions.

Avionics components and systems

Quality Avionics are expert in:

  • Auto pilots
  • Electronic indicators
  • Fuel systems
  • Gyroscopic instruments
  • Pilot static indicators
  • Remote compass systems
  • Stall warning systems
  • Electronic time pieces
  • Electrical systems
  • Radio systems
  • ILS systems

Avionics installation, maintenance, repair and overhaul

We also specialise in electronic auto pilot installation and repairs, new installations and upgrades of a vast range of avionics equipment, installation of satellite telephone systems, on-field maintenance and repairs, over-sight and reviewing of overseas avionics maintenance throughout the Pacific Rim, and acting as professional avionics advisors to regional airlines.

Avionics components and MRO services

We can supply products and services from the following leading avionics companies:

  • Avidyne – integrated flight deck display systems
  • ACK Technologies – altitude encoders and 406MHz ELTs
  • Becker Avionics – search and rescue homing equipment distress signalling for fixed and rotary wing aircraft
  • Century Flight Systems – autopilot solutions
  • Cobham Avionics – Chelton antenna systems NAT communication and audio systems
  • EMS Sky Connect – satellite phones Iridium voice, text and tracking systems
  • Flight Display Systems – LCD displays, moving maps, cabin monitor mounts, audio / video accessories and more
  • FreeFlight Systems – GPS solutions that support Trimble navigation systems, WAAS, radar altimeters and Selcal avionics
  • Global Aviation Products – GPS solutions that support Trimble navigation systems, WAAS, radar altimeters and Selcal avionics
  • Honeywell (Bendix/King) – displays, safety equipment, navigation and communication equipment, flight control and TCAS
  • Icarus Instruments – steering assist modules (SAM), nav alert, altitude serialisers, specialised aircraft controls
  • Insight Aviation – weather detection systems and graphic engine monitoring
  • L-3 Communications Avionics Systems – lightning and weather protection systems
  • Michel TKM – slide-in replacement nav / com transceivers and test sets
  • Microair Avionics – compact low current drain transponders and VHF radios
  • Mid-Continent Instruments – annunciator control units
  • MX Direct – replacement radios
  • Northern Airborne Technology – integrated audio systems
  • Narco Avionics
  • PS Engineering – general aviation intercoms, audio control systems and other aircraft audio avionics equipment
  • Rhotheta – high-precision direction finders for professional search-and-rescue organisations
  • Sandel – avionic display systems, attitude displays, primary navigation displays and TAWS systems
  • S-Tec – retrofit autopilot systems
  • Sagem Avionics – rotary wing product suppliers in autopilot and flight performance displays
  • Sennheiser – headsets
  • Sigma Tek – Cessna spare parts

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Quality Avionics

Building 118

Ditchmen Ave

4118, Queensland

Archerfield Airport



+617 3277 4799 +617 3277 4933 www.qualityavionics.com.au/