Arnprior Aerospace Avionics Racks, Trays, Mission System Cabinets, Consoles and Structural Assemblies

Arnprior Aerospace is a leading supplier of products and services to the aerospace and defence industries with specialist expertise in the design, development and manufacture of avionic racks, electrical enclosures, cockpit and mission-system consoles, and complex multi-commodity structural assemblies.

ARINC racks, shelves, trays, cockpit and mission-system cabinets, consoles and structural assemblies

Arnprior combines close tolerance fabrication, four and five-axis machining, forming, welding, paint and chemical processing capabilities with precision assembly and integration skills to produce complex multi-commodity structural assemblies, ARINC racks, mission-system consoles and cabinets.

Specialist engineers and project teams are on hand to develop cost effective solutions to demanding dynamic and environmental applications and specifications for commercial and military platforms, utilising Catia V5 and Nastran FEA software. Using stereolithography and rapid prototyping techniques, representative models can be produced within days of completion of design activity.

ARINC 600, 404 and 404A trays

ARINC 600, 404 and 404A trays are engineered to suit customer-specific integration and technical performance requirements in accordance with LRU interface and electrical connector requirements. Air cooling, electrical bonding and front and rear clamping methods are selected to suit the application, operational and test environment.

Extensive use is made of aerospace aluminium alloys in sheet, extruded and bar/billet form and monolithic development and construction to minimise component and fastener count.

Large integrated aircraft assemblies

Arnprior produces large integrated assemblies such as aircraft main deck cargo doors, wing to body fairing kits and structural fuselage sections and as part of the overall program responsibility will often design and manufacture the associated tooling, jigs and fixtures.

Arnprior can support and deliver avionics and electrical bay racks combining LRU’ s, wiring harness, connectors, junction boxes, circuit breaker panels, cockpit structure and interior cabinets, consoles and mounting hardware.

Nadcap and ITAR registration, AS9100 quality certification, and program and supply chain management

Arnprior holds AS9100 and ISO9001 certification and Nadcap accreditation for chemical processing, welding, heat treatment and non-destructive testing. Experienced in international defence programs, Arnprior is ITAR and CGP registered and has a dedicated contracts team focused on TAA, NDA and similar contractual, confidential documentation and engineering data.

Arnprior has outstanding program and Supply chain management skills and an established lean infrastructure, incorporating ERP and many forms of EDI and customer specific electronic portal and communication tools/software, eg: Exostar and ESIS.

A 24 hour service and help desk provides AOG and critical program status information.

With the exception of sales and marketing personnel 400 staff operate out of the 175,000 sq/ft Arnprior, Ontario facility.

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