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Complete Avionics, located at Hanger 55 Coolangatta Airport, is a leading avionics support centre providing new and used annunciators and controllers. With our modern workshops incorporating the latest test equipment and experienced technical personnel we are able to service a wide range of avionics equipment. Customer-orientated service has seen our capability and customer base increase at a steady and satisfying rate.

Aviation electronics is our core business but we are also able to provide fast and efficient sales and service for all types of equipment and aircraft. We have attained credibility in our procurement, pricing and OPTIONS available for our products and services.

The move to Coolangatta Airport, with our own Hanger facility, has allowed an improved streamlined approach to avionic installations and servicing. All aspects of the avionic requirements of the aircraft are now controlled and overseen in the one facility.

Our new and used equipment for resale is varied and supported by each of the leading manufacturers. The inventory of rotable equipment has increased dramatically and is based upon our major customers requirements. This falls into line with the current commercial turbine and piston aircraft/helicopter fleet presently operating in Australia.


We provide a wide range of annunciators. Our latest products include the Ameri-King AK-950 GPS / Nav Annunciation and the MD41 GPS Annunciator Control Unit.

GPS/NAV switching and annunciator panel

The Ameri-King AK-950 is an FAA TSO'd approved GPS/NAV switching & annunciator panel, micro size, state of the art and sunlight readable Annunciators. It combines all the necessary functions required for switching HSI/CDI data inputs between a conventional NAV receiver and the approach-certified GPS receiver. It features state of the art, surface mounted components, including a 24 pole surface mounted relay assembly to provide switching function of OBS,
glide slope, NAV & G/S flags, auto pilot and spares for future installation.

All relays have gold plated contacts and are nitrogen filled for high reliability. In addition, an ILS annunciator with ILS override function to provide automatic switching to NAV mode upon ILS frequency tuned in is included. This design is unique. Due to its extremely tiny package, the AK-950 may be installed, in sandwich, between existing instruments on the instrument panel, either horizontally or vertically. No panel instrument relocation is necessary. Simple installation, space saving and weight saving are the outstanding advantages over any other brand. FAA TSO-C129a approved. Size: 2.12"W x 1"H x 2.63"D. Relampable and non-relampable versions available.

Annunciator control unit

The MD41 ACU combines navigation switching to the primary CDI or HSI w/key GPS selection functions in a standard ATI panelmount unit only 4.625" deep Up to 7 separate relays and 3 switches are replaced by this single, compact unit, making installation simpler, faster and more economical. Lighted push-buttons and easy-to-read annunciators make the MD 41 popular with pilots as well as technicians.

Push-buttons provide plenty of tactile feedback, ensuring safe, accurate oper- ation, even in bumpy IFR conditions. Pilots can fly with confidence, knowing that the MD41 has been certified to TSO C129 standards, meeting the new FAA field approval requirements. Installation manual & connector kits included. Size: 4.625" x 3.5" x 1.35". Wt: 0.75 lbs.

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