Axminster Carpets Carpeting for Passenger Aircraft, Regional and Business Jets

Axminster Carpets Ltd is one of the most respected names in the carpet industry and has a first-class reputation for quality carpet production throughout the world. Axminster brings over 60 years of design and technical expertise to create bespoke carpets for all types of passenger aircraft. The group has four production sites across Europe along with a sales office based in North America.

We have an enviable list of clients including over ten major international flag-carriers, as well as numerous regional and continental airline operators who all recognise the quality and durability of our specifically engineered aircraft carpets.


Our machinery is state-of-the-art, which ensures that we can offer aircraft carpets in various exacting specifications. Now manufacturing both wool and nylon options, Axminster has become one of the most versatile weavers of specialist Wilton carpets for the aviation industry with and annual capacity is in excess of 1,000,000m².


We pride ourselves on our ability to meet the requirements of our clients. Our understanding of weight/fuel ratios and extensive developments at every stage of production have helped us to engineer a wide range of specifications that offer valuable operational cost savings without compromising on quality or performance. Latest yarn developments can deliver twice the durability when compared with other suppliers’ carpets.

We adopt a flexible approach to carpet design and, using CAD systems, our specialised in-house designers will create fresh and inspired schemes that will complement your cabin interior and push the boundaries of surface pattern design.

We provide a prompt, efficient and highly flexible service with the ability to quickly supply yarn samples for colour selection and final approval, helping to realise the ultimate aircraft interior look.


We recognise the need for constant innovation in airline carpet design and have developed a variety of options which widen the scope for both cost and operational savings. Our products are engineered to meet the requirements of the individual airline and help them to realise their competitive advantages.

Contact us for more detailed information of how we can enhance your aircraft cabin interior appearance and help to make the carpet a more functional component rather than just a capital expense. Stain-resistant carpets, anti-microbial treatments and light-weight specification are all available.


We offer off-the-shelf carpet specifically developed to represent current trends, which is available ex-stock with no MOQs. There are 14 different options which can be easily coordinated to help simplify your interior scheme. Please see our website for the Pegasus II range. It is fully certified to meet all current requirements


Axminster Carpets’ production facility operates within the BS EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management system and we are the only UK carpet manufacturer to be awarded AS/EN9100 revision B accreditation.

Our laboratory holds EASA approval to test and issue our own certification to FAR 25: 853 and Airbus standard ABD0031. We also hold ISO 14001 environmental certification for our yarn processing plant.

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