Dytecna Aerospace Project Management, Design, Engineering and Certification Services

Formed in 1947, Dytecna provides through-life support solutions, engineering design and development, manufacturing, and installation services for the aerospace industry.

Aerospace electronic communications systems

We offer a comprehensive project management and supply chain solution to the design, certification and installation of electronic and / or communication systems into mobile platforms. These platforms range from vehicles to containers to transportable cases.

Aerospace project management, design and certification

Through the use of proven technology developed for a commercial environment the Dytecna team have a proven track record of equipment selection and packaging capability to ensure commercial equipment can meet the rigorous requirements of today’s military operations.

The ability to develop and prove a solution to very stringent requirements in a short time period is the strength that we bring to every project. Using proven project management techniques and a highly developed supply chain capability, Dytecna is capable of providing a solution for our customers’ needs.

We design for:

  • Human factor integration
  • Recognition of the effects of fatigue
  • Health and safety issues
  • Power system generation and distribution including battery management
  • Environmental conditioning, from physical packaging against shock and vibration
  • Ethereal protection from dust and extremes of temperature
  • EMC and tempest conditioning
  • Finite element analysis
  • Thermal modelling
  • Design for air transportation by fixed wing and rotary craft

Aerospace fabrication and manufacture services

We meet customer requirements through customisation and prototyping. Dytecna has developed a modern CNC fabrication capability to meet our own in-house requirements and the short to medium run metal fabrication needs of our customers. Dytecna has developed a capability to manufacture high quality low tolerance systems for integration into mobile platforms.

We understand the importance of good engineering practice and have a highly skilled workforce to ensure our quality expectations are met. We maintain a very close relationship with our complimentary supply chains so that we can always meet our customers’ timescales.

Our capabilities include:

  • Turning
  • Welding MIG TIG
  • Milling
  • Punching
  • Bending
  • Laser cutting

Aerospace electro-mechanical assembly

To complement our in-house design capability and for control purposes, Dytecna has developed a highly skilled electro-mechanical assembly team capable of developing solutions from prototype requirements to medium scale production runs. This team specialises in the production of electrical and electronic assembly work particularly in the electronics and communication fields. The team is made up of high skilled personnel, from prototype production technicians to highly competent assembly technicians. It is supported by our supply chain capability ensuring consistency of supply and enabling Dytecna to meet the ever shortening timescales. Our capabilities include:

  • Case redesign and repurposing air flow
  • EMC and tempest considerations
  • Cable and wiring harness
  • Power distribution systems
  • Electronic assembly and test
  • Vehicular mounted equipment and systems
  • Display panels
  • Racks and chassis wiring
  • Ruggardised deployable systems
  • Thermal modelling

Equipment support services

As we deliver more and more solutions to our customers, the need to provide through-life engineering support has become an essential part of our business strategy. Our Equipment Support Services team provide engineering field service support, technology installation, documentation and technical configuration management and guidance advice ensuring mission success for equipment supplied to our armed forces.

Our teams have worked with many prime contractors assisting in the support of their equipment and can draw upon the full capability of Dytecna’s engineering expertise.

Projects include:

  • Ptarmigan communication systems
  • Foxhunter radar logistics database
  • Naval monitoring cabins ­ 20 year support contract
  • Military headsets ­ 15 year support contract

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+61 3 9701 5540 +61 3 9701 5572 www.dytecna.com.au/