CoorsTek Critical Components for the Aerospace and Aviation Industries

CoorsTek supplies a variety of critical components for the aerospace and aviation industries. Thick and thin alumina film substrates are used in the manufacture of hybrid circuits for on-board applications. Engineers take advantage of the electrical, thermal and mechanical characteristics of our technical ceramic materials in many harsh-environment applications.

Fluoropolymer sealing systems

We supply Teflon® fluoropolymer sealing systems for aviation and industrial hydraulic equipment, fluid handling systems and transportation industries.

Electronic components for aircraft

CoorsTek offers a wide variety of electronic components — from high-performance, ultra-pure ceramic substrates to ESD-safe ceramic and plastic components — to help our customers build next-generation electronics in aircraft.

Alumina custom shapes

CoorsTek provides custom high-purity, long-wearing alumina custom shapes with or without metallization and specialized brazing and joining. These alumina custom shapes are used for variety of aviation and other applications, including:

  • Feed-through insulators
  • Headers
  • High-power receptacles
  • Insulating discs
  • Insulator rings and cylinders
  • Precipitator products
  • Power switches
  • Traveling wave tubes
  • Vacuum interrupters
  • Windows
  • Power grid tubes
  • X-ray tubes

Aircraft metal-to-ceramic joining

CoorsTek understands metal-to-ceramic joining, and uses advanced processes that ensure superior performance and long life. Whether you are adding an electronic circuit path to one of our high-purity substrates or joining a metal component with ceramic, our metallization and joining experts help you select the most effective and cost-efficient method and material.

Sample applications include antennas, feed-through insulators, headers, high-power receptacles, hybrid circuits, insulator rings and cylinders, insulating discs, micro-ceramic components, power grid tubes, power switches, sensors, traveling wave tubes, vacuum interrupters, windows, and X-ray tubes.

Advanced, high-purity aviation ceramics

CoorsTek provides advanced, high-purity ceramics for high-technology applications, including aircraft and aviation uses. Our engineering experts can help you choose the best material from hundreds of aluminas, carbides and other high-performance materials.

Microelectronic ceramic components for aircraft

High alumina and other ceramics are used for active and passive electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, hybrid circuits, sensors and other critical devices. These devices are used in aircraft and automotive electronics, telecommunications, medical devices, computers, and a large variety of electronic instruments and consumer appliances.

Ceramics lend themselves to forming processes that yield intricate shapes and sizes. These parts are used as substrates and lids in microelectronic applications. These processes offer high-volume, cost-effective answers to the world’s competitive electronics market.

Well-suited for harsh operating conditions, ceramics are thermally and structurally stable. CoorsTek also provides value-added services to ensure optimal value and performance.

Ceramic aircraft-armor panels

We provide some of the lightest armor components known to man by developing specialty materials and processes for superior ballistic performance with minimal weight addition. Typical ceramic composite armor systems, at approximately half the weight, outperform similar steel-based systems. These systems can be used as ceramic armor panels for aircraft.

Our CeraShield™ ceramics offer many advantages over conventional materials. These specially formulated ceramic armor materials provide:

  • Low weight
  • High hardness
  • Controlled, uniform microstructures

Our ceramic aircraft-armor panels have proven ballistic performance that meets National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and international design standards.

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