Pilots of carrier United Airlines have agreed on a reduced scheduled deal that will prevent 2,800 furloughs that were due on 1 October.

Under this deal, 13,000 pilots will be able to keep their jobs through at least next year.

United Airlines employs 79,000 people and secured a $5bn coronavirus relief package that was signed by President Donald Trump in March.

United Air Line Pilots Association master executive council chairman Captain Todd Insler said: “Our members understood that in order to protect pilot jobs, we needed to approve this agreement.

“I am proud of our pilots for showing the unity and resolve needed in the face of uncertainty.”

As per the agreement, 13,000 employees will be able to keep their jobs as existing working hours will now be spread across the pilot group. It implies that most pilots will fly for fewer days and therefore make less money.

Without an agreement in place, in addition to 2,800 pilots being furloughed this year, another 1,100 would stand at risk of being furloughed next year.

Meanwhile, United workers at risk of losing their jobs are likely to get a six-month relief through a US House bill.

This Covid-19 relief package proposed by House Democrats would provide $25bn to passenger carriers and $3bn to airline contractors as payroll assistance until March 2021.

An earlier measure to safeguard the jobs expires on 1 October.

Airlines have stated that they will be compelled to cut tens of thousands of jobs without additional government relief.

The bill will also provide an extra $13.5bn for airports, which also have been badly impacted.

The bill’s fate remains uncertain as it is likely to face opposition from the Republican-controlled Senate.