Advanced air mobility start-up NeXt has introduced an all-electric vertical take-off and landing (evTOL) personal air vehicle.

Named the iFLY, the planet-friendly aircraft is developed to provide safe and convenient transportation.

The aircraft has completed extensive proof-of-concept flight testing and secured the United States Patent 10,427,790.

The iFLY is powered by eight propellers that are protected in safety enclosures. It is also equipped with eight battery-electric motors.

To operate the iFLY without a pilot’s licence, NeXt is planning to initially qualify the aircraft as a Powered Ultralight by the US Federal Aviation Administration.

The aircraft has integrated safety features, including advanced redundant flight control systems to provide high stability, high agility and destination flexibility. It also has a separate passenger compartment.

In a statement, NeXt said: “We’re thrilled that iFLY embraces our mission to make safe-electric personal air vehicles a reality for the masses while enhancing the future sustainability of our planet for generations to come.”

The vehicle features a mobile companion app that allows users to choose a destination landing site on their iOS or Android mobile device.

Once a destination is selected, the iFLY receives the instructions to conduct the autonomous flight.

Capable of performing safe return or landing to home automatically, the vehicle is equipped with a ballistic parachute that deploys automatically during an emergency.

The company is looking for an investment partner to fund the project.

German air taxi and drone manufacturer Volocopter recently received the production organisation approval (POA) from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA Part 21G) for eVTOL.