Information technology company SITA has taken over Safety Line SAS, a France-based start-up focusing on digital technologies for aviation safety and efficiency, to facilitate sustainable aviation.

The deal is expected to fortify SITA’s Digital Day of Operations portfolio, enabling airlines to operate more efficiently and reduce their carbon footprint by minimising fuel consumption.

SITA stated that the acquisition will speed up its development of sustainable technologies that can be incorporated into its current suite of airline and airport solutions.

The company further noted that Safety Line offers ‘significant improvements’ to aircraft operations through predictive analytics, complementing SITA’s current portfolio.

The takeover comes on the heels of the commercial partnership that was signed between the two firms last September.

The partnership was aimed at aiding airlines to cut down their carbon emissions with OptiFlight.

A predictive in-flight fuel efficiency solution, OptiFlight uses machine learning performance models for each aeroplane to improve all flight phases such as climb-out, cruise and descent.

This solution, which is completely integrated with current applications in SITA’s Digital Day of Operations portfolio, has been installed by Air France, Transavia Airlines, Aerologic and Condor.

As part of the deal, Safety Line’s AirsideWatch will enable SITA to develop its airport offering to airside operations.

This solution deploys surface movement radar data for optimising and assessing the ground traffic of aircraft between gates and runways, aiming to minimise unnecessary emissions.

In a statement, SITA said: “With safety being a key pillar in aviation alongside efficiency, the acquisition also covers SafetyCube, a solution that enables aviation stakeholders to pro-actively manage their safety and compliance.

“Key customers include large airports such as Paris-CDG and Paris-Orly or OEMs such as Airbus Helicopters, as well as airlines and ATM providers, all of which also compose SITA’s main customer base. SITA will, therefore, be able to expand its offering to include safety-enhancing services to existing customers.”

In 2019, SITA acquired Software Design, an Italian firm specialising in custom software solutions for airports.

Software Design was acquired from its managing shareholders and 2i Aeroporti, a joint venture (JV) between Italian infrastructure fund F2i and private investment house Ardian.

In 2018, SITA purchased MEXIA Interactive, a Canada-based curb-to-gate passenger analytics provider for the air transport industry.