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Aerospace company Airbus has temporarily halted operations at two of its facilities in Germany and its one facility in Alabama, US, in the wake of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Airbus paused commercial aircraft production and assembly activity at its site in Bremen from 6 to 27 April. Key business support services at this site, however, remain unaffected.

The company has also suspended production and assembly activity from 5 to 11 April at its Stade facility in Germany. There will be some additional pause days in the following weeks in selected production departments. However, operations will continue in key business support services.

Airbus also stated that it is temporarily suspending production at its A220/A320 manufacturing facility in Mobile, Alabama, US. The pause in production is expected to last until 29 April.

Meanwhile, ongoing works in Bremen, Stade and Mobile will be carried out by adhering to the regulations regarding hygienic measures and social distancing.

Airbus has also collaborated with social partners to ensure the health and safety of its employees.

Production and assembly in France, which has been halted for the past few weeks, has resumed gradually since 23 March.

Commercial aircraft wing production in the UK and commercial aircraft production activities in Spain and Canada have been temporarily suspended in response to stock levels and government restrictions.

Last month, Airbus suspended all non-essential activities in Spain until 9 April, complying with the Spanish Government’s announcement on 29 March to implement new measures to fight Covid-19.

The company stated will continuously assess the situation and respond to the changing environment.

Confirmed cases on the coronavirus have reached 1,279,336 while the death toll stands at 69,844.