Environmental Tectonics Corporation (ETC) has been awarded a contract to provide a full range of aircrew training and tactical flight simulation devices to an Asian customer.

The $40m contract includes an order for an authentic tactical flight simulator—400 (ATFS-400) and a Gyrolab GL-4000 spatial disorientation trainer.

The ATFS-400 is a ground-based simulator that integrates a high-fidelity aircraft cockpit incorporating a virtual tactical environment into a high-performance, fully flyable human centrifuge.

The system can be flown like a tactical aircraft and combines virtual battle space, unique G-Pointing, motion-based technologies and ETC signature technology to replicate the performance and feel of an actual aircraft.

The GL-4000 will train aircrew for tactical flight manoeuvring, situational awareness and spatial disorientation to be faced in an actual aircraft and also offers sustained g-motion cueing.

Unlike traditional six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) systems, the GL-4000 simulates the actual physiological stresses a pilot experiences while manoeuvring a high-performance jet aircraft.

The GL-4000 features easily interchangeable cockpits based on ETC’s component-based cockpit module (CBCM) technology.

The training devices are due for delivery in early 2012 and the contract also includes installation, training and maintenance support for the equipment.