Astrium will provide key technologies to build Argentina’s first telecommunications satellite, Arsat-1 to the satellite operator ARSAT.

Arsat-1 is the first in a series of satellites that will provide coverage for Latin America.

The company will supply the satellite processing unit (SPU), the central cylinder and the propulsion subsystem for Arsat-1.

The SPU is the satellite platform’s on-board computer that will host the Argentine custom-developed software and control the telecommand, telemetry and spacecraft internal communication interfaces.

The unit will also monitor the vehicle systems and contribute to the satellite’s fault detection, isolation and recovery (FDIR) system.

The 50kg composite central cylinder will form an interface with the launcher and supports the total mass of the satellite, which can be up to 3t.

The bipropellant propulsion subsystem will use an oxidiser and fuel to propel the satellite after separation from the launcher to its final orbital position.

The subsystem will also provide active attitude control and three-axis stabilisation for accurate antenna pointing during the satellite design life.