Work has been completed on components for the Japanese Kibo laboratory that is to be set up on the International Space Station on the STS-127 mission.

The components were prepared for launch and validated for their compatibility with the space station by Boeing and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

The complex sensor payload will be carried to the space station on-board the Endeavour satellite.

The payload features, for the first time, two swithchable outlets for turning power to the payload on and off when needed since it will consume a huge amount of power aboard the Endeavour.

On STS-127 mission, the installation of the components on to the ISS to complete the Kibo laboratory will require five spacewalks. The new platforms will provide a sort of outdoor patio for science experiments.

Endeavour, which will be launched on 13 June 2009, will also carry a variety of spare parts and six new batteries for the station’s power-generating solar arrays.