PS-28 cruiser aircraft.

The PS-28 cruiser is a double-seat low-wing monoplane developed by Czech Sport Aircraft. The aircraft is used for basic and advanced flight training, air clubs, recreational use, air tourism and basic military training.

The aircraft obtained type certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in April 2012 in the light sport aircraft category. The first EASA-certified PS-28 cruiser entered service in October 2012.

SKYcastle was selected as the distributor for the aircraft in the Benelux region, while is the Swiss distributor and Sport Aviation the distributor in France. The aircraft is available in Classic, Style and Exclusive models.

PS-28 cruiser design features

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PS-28 cruiser is built with a full metal body, cantilevered wings and a conventional rear part. Its wings are equipped with slotted flaps and ailerons. The right aileron is fitted with electrical trim. Each wing is held in place by six bolts to the wing centre section. The tip of the wing is made of carbon-glass laminate.

There are two baggage storage compartments, with a capacity of 10kg each, located in each wing. Another 18kg baggage storage compartment is located in the rear.

The aircraft exterior dimensions include length of 6.62m (21.72ft), height of 2.31m (7.6ft) and wingspan of 8.6m (28.22ft). The wing surface area of the aircraft is 12.3m² (132.4ft²).

Cockpit and avionics

The aircraft features a large glass fibre cockpit equipped with Dynon D-100 primary flight data display and Dynon D-120 engine monitoring system. The cockpit is equipped with modern and sophisticated avionics systems, such as magnetic compass, backup airspeed indicator and navigation/communication radio. HS-34 navigation extension module developed by Dynon is also fitted in the cockpit.

Other avionics systems such as mode S transponders and class 2 intercom and GPS Garmin 695 are also fitted.

Wheel brakes are situated on the pedals and throttle is located at the centre console in the cockpit.

Engine and performance details

The aircraft is powered by a Rotax 912 ULS2 / S2 engine, which produces 73.5kW of output power. The engine drives a Woodcomp Klassic 170/3/R propeller.

"The engine drives a Woodcomp Klassic 170/3/R propeller."

The propulsion system enables a maximum cruise speed of 172km/h, horizontal speed of 220km/h, climb rate of 825ft/min (4.2m/s) and range of 512nm (948km). The aircraft has a fuel consumption of approximately 17.5l/h, and has an endurance of five hours and 26 minutes. The fuel tank’s total storage capacity is 114l.

PS-28 cruiser requires take-off distance of 1,270ft (387m) on concrete surface and 1,499ft (457m) on grass surface. It needs landing distances of 1,188ft (362m) and 1,109ft (338m) on concrete and grass surfaces respectively.

Orders and deliveries

Eindhoven Aero Club ordered delivery of two PS-28 cruiser aircraft in January 2014. Czech Sport Aircraft received an order in March 2013 for the delivery of two PS-28 cruiser aircraft to France.

Aero Club Milano decided to purchase one EASA-certified PS-28 cruiser aircraft in February 2013 to use for basic and advanced training requirements.

Triple-V flight training company, based in the Netherlands, and Letecká škola Partizánske ordered one aircraft each in January 2013. A Switzerland-based customer ordered one PS-28 cruiser in December 2012.

As of January 2014, Czech Sport Aircraft has delivered more than 500 PS-28 cruiser aircraft.

The first two PS-28 cruiser aircraft were delivered to Spain in November 2013. The first EASA-certified PS-28 cruiser aircraft was delivered to an Italian flight training organisation in October 2012.

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