Bombardier Learjet 70 Business Jet

Learjet 70 is a light-midsized business jet being developed by Bombardier. The aircraft was unveiled at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva in May 2012. It is being built along with Learjet 75 at a facility in Wichita, Kansas, US.

Bombardier received the first firm order from Flexjet for three Learjet 70 aircraft in July 2012.

Bombardier Learjet 70 design

Learjet 70 is an upgrade of the Learjet 40XR aircraft and includes certain unique changes such as the addition of new winglets for improving efficiency and performance.

"Learjet 70 is an upgrade of the Learjet 40XR aircraft."

The aircraft has a length of 55.56ft (16.93m), height of 14.13ft (4.31m), wingspan of 45.8ft (13.96m) and wing area of 311.6ft² (28.95m²).

It features a hydraulic system built using advanced materials, and a highly effective and easy-to-maintain ice protection system. The reliable and safe electrical power systems of the aircraft ensure quick troubleshooting.

Flight deck and avionics

The aircraft is fitted with a Garmin G5000 Vision flight deck. The avionics suite includes three high-resolution 14in widescreen displays, touch-screen controllers and synthetic vision system. It includes a paperless capable cockpit, graphical flight planning and solid state weather radar.

It also includes a surface awareness system, digital audio system and datalink capabilities which reduce the pilot’s workload. Two digital air data computers are also included to track the operating parameters of the aircraft.

The state-of-the-art environmental control system (ECS) aboard the Learjet 70, with dual-zone control for cabin and cockpit, offers optimal control of the aircraft environment. The aircraft also features dual WAAS GPS with localiser performance with vertical guidance (LPV) and required navigational performance (RNP) approach capability.

Learjet 70 cabin

The cabin of the business jet can comfortably accommodate six passengers and two crew members. The cabin has a length of 17.67ft (5.39m), width of 5.12ft (1.56m), height of 4.92ft (1.50m) and total volume of 410ft³ (11.61m³). It features forward-club formation seating for six passengers.

The passenger facilities include a 7in touch-screen display on the seats with full audio and video control, a 12.1in high definition (HD) monitor, audio system with hidden trim panel speakers, an iPod interface and HD and ethernet backbone.

Other facilities include 20in executive tables, an aft lavatory, a lighted vanity mirror and sink.

Engine and performance of the Bombardier Learjet 70

The aircraft is powered by two TFE731-40BR engines manufactured by Honeywell. It delivers higher thrust with modest fuel consumption, the maximum takeoff thrust being 17.1kN (3,850lbs). Each engine is provided with an independent wing tank fuel system and fuel is transferred to both wing tanks automatically.

"The cabin of the business jet can comfortably accommodate six passengers and two crew members."

The aircraft has a high cruise speed of 860km/h (535mph) and long range speed of 801km/h (497mph). The maximum operating altitude of the aircraft is 51,000ft (15,545m) and the maximum range is 2,060nm (3,815km).

Takeoff and landing distances are 4,230ft (1,289m) and 2,660ft (811m) respectively. The maximum takeoff weight is 21,000lb (9,525kg), the maximum landing weight is 19,200lb (8,709kg) and the maximum ramp weight is 21,250lb (9,639kg).

Zero fuel weight is 16,000lb (7,257kg), whereas the standard basic operating weight is 13,715lb (6,221kg).

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