American low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines’ pilots and management have entered an agreement to avoid furloughs.

The agreement has led to the cancellation of 600 planned furloughs with immediate effect, reported the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA).

Approximately 50% of Spirit’s pilots have also agreed to work fewer hours each month on a temporary basis, which will prevent 800 pilots from being furloughed starting 1 October.

ALPA Spirit Airlines Master Executive Council chairman captain Scott Vallach said: “At a time where airlines struggle to keep pace with the ever-changing demand for air travel and airline crews struggle to keep themselves and their families healthy, Spirit Airlines pilots and management worked together to reach an agreement that mitigates the remaining furloughs planned for October 2020. Effective immediately, the 600 planned furloughs have been cancelled.

“I’m extremely proud of the willingness of our pilots to help each other and ensure that no Spirit pilot goes without a paycheque.

“I also want to thank Spirit management for partnering with us to sit down and find a path that helps our airline survive while keeping all of our pilots employed.”

In a separate development, American Airlines reportedly revealed plans to cut 19,000 employees in October while Delta Air Lines announced its plans to furlough 1,941 of its pilots during the same month.