Aerospace and defence products supplier Collins Aerospace has entered a collaboration agreement with aerospace company Boom Supersonic to advance nacelle technology.

As part of this collaboration, engineers from Collins Aerospace engineers will work alongside Boom for the development on inlet, nacelle and exhaust system technologies for Boom’s flagship supersonic airliner, Overture.

The companies will be leveraging lightweight aerostructures and variable nacelle geometry to reduce fuel-burn and aircraft noise for passengers and airport communities.

Collins Aerospace aerostructures president Marc Duvall said: “Through improved acoustics and lightweight materials systems, we can provide the next generation of supersonic propulsion systems with the nacelle technologies that not only enable higher performance and lower fuel burn but also quieter operation.

“Having completed 19 nacelle certification programs over the past decade, we’re uniquely positioned to collaborate with Boom Supersonic to create new propulsion-system solutions that will be key enablers of Overture’s success.”

To be developed by Boom Supersonic, Overture complies with industry standards of speed, safety and sustainability. It will be one of the fastest airliners when completed.

The aircraft is currently in the design phase and the company is expected to finalise the configuration followed by the building.

Boom plans to launch Overture in 2025, with entry into service scheduled for 2029.

In July, the company signed an engagement agreement with aero-engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce for a supersonic engine programme.

Last month, Boom Supersonic unveiled the XB-1, the world’s first independently developed and fully assembled supersonic jet.