Airbus Helicopters has delivered a new H135 helicopter to France-based company Mont Blanc for helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS).

The delivery marks a milestone for the company as it represents the 1,400th H135 unit.

Airbus Helicopters H135 programme head Martin Schneider said: “As the benchmark for HEMS helicopters, the H135 is the safest, most reliable and most economic platform – arriving at the scene on time, every time.

“There are more than 650 H135s in emergency medical service duties, operated by thousands of pilots and medics who protect and save lives each day.”

The latest addition joins Mont Blanc’s fleet that includes more than 20 H135 and H145 helicopters that are already in service.

The H135 helicopters family started operational service in 1996 with over 650 units currently in use.

The company has since provided updates to the aircraft to deliver enhanced performance and capabilities.

The latest H135 edition offers a 90kg take-off weight and a useful load of up to 225kg. This enables operators to provide enhanced care during transit by allowing them to install additional specialised medical equipment on-board the aircraft.

The helicopter also features an improved airframe, engine and cockpit, as well as mission equipment.

Last month, Airbus Helicopters delivered two new H135 helicopters to Nasa from the company’s helicopter production centre near Columbus, Mississippi, US.