The Dubai Civil Aviation Authority has temporarily banned Air India (AI) Express’ flights to its airports after carrying passengers infected with Covid-19.

The 15-day suspension will remain effective starting from 18 September to 2 October.

The authority has alleged that the flag carrier had flown Covid-positive passengers two times in the last few weeks.

In a mail to the airline, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority was quoted by India Today as saying: “You are aware of our previous intimation made to you by our letter dated 2 September for boarding a passenger with a coronavirus positive test result, who endangered the other passengers on board and also caused a serious health risk.

“In addition to the suspension of operation, you will be further notified to pay all the expenditure incurred by the respective authorities for medical services and/or quarantine of any passenger(s) and the other passengers in the flight and also any other expenditure connected thereto.”

The airline will have to provide ‘a detailed corrective action/procedure implemented’ to stop such actions from repeating in order to restart flight operations from 3 October.

Last month, Hong Kong suspended Air India from operating flights to and from for two weeks citing the same issue.

In June, the US Department of Transport (DOT) restricted Air India from operating repatriation charter flights from the country.