SEI Helicopter Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul and Interior Fit-Out Services

SEI is an Italian center of excellence for aircraft interiors design, manufacturing and completions (VIP, Utility, EMS) as well as for helicopters maintenance, repair, overhaul (MRO) and modifications.

State-of-the-art engineering, manufacturing expertise and Italian design creativity, together with a strong commitment to technological innovation, the highest quality standards and a true passion for style are the real embodiments for SEI’s success in the marketplace.

SEI has full EASA certification for Design (DOA), manufacturing (POA) and maintenance (MOA).

Custom helicopter interior fit-out

Through its EASA design organization approval (DOA), SEI has the capability to design, manufacture and certify, under its own Supplemental Type Certificates (STC), personalized interiors in accordance with the specific customer’s requests.

SEI specializes in the AgustaWestland products (A109, A119, AW139, EH101) and has already completed more than 400 helicopters in different versions : EMS (medical interiors), Multirole (e.g.: law enforcement), Helitaxi, Utility (e.g.: off shore missions) as well as several Corporate, VIP and VVIP modifications.

SEI has developed several proprietary STCs covering different interiors layouts, cabin noise insulation, IFE system installations and other cabin features.

Turnkey aircraft interior completions

SEI provides a “turnkey” service to the customer. With this fully verticalized approach, SEI is responsible for the design, manufacturing, certification and delivery of a product compliant with the customer requirements and specifications, as well as with the agreed time schedule.

Design, creativity, state-of-the-art engineering, a careful selection of the finest materials, experience and workmanship in manufacturing together with a thorough attention to details ensures the highest levels of customizing which meets the demand of the most sophisticated and discerning customers.

SEI’s capabilities for VIP completions start from the free-hand sketch and 3-D renderings and is fully accomplished with the final installation, thus providing a full turn-key completion service to OEMs and operators.

The completion process is fulfilled through different project stages, each involving various SEI’s departments and skills, always in constant and open communication with the customer is maintained.

Control is provided through a project management system, giving the customer a constantly monitored, integrated process, from preliminary studies to final aircraft delivery.

Noise and vibration abatement system for the AW 139 helicopter

The new SILENS system, developed by SEI in collaboration with AgustaWestland, is made by a self-sustaining composite structure forming a sort of secluded shell fixed to the helicopter lower structure and isolated from the ceiling and the rest of the fuselage, thus dramatically attenuating transmission of noise and vibrations into the cabin.

While providing unrivalled isolation with respect to other noise abatement solutions, the SILENS balances design with sound engineering to produce the most comfortable alternative for the AW 139 passenger’s comfort, with negligible impacts on cabin dimensions and aircraft weight.

The result is an unequaled comfortable passenger cabin for the AW 139, with astonishing low noise and vibration levels, featuring a flexible, functional and very chic interior while meeting all the certification standards. The system has been approved by EASA under a SEI’s STC and is available for installation or retrofit on all AW 139 VIP helicopters equipped with hinged passenger doors.

Helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul

Under its EASA Part 145 and CAMO approvals, SEI has full capabilities for maintenance, repair and overhaul on NH/MD 500, MD 500N and AgustaWestland A109, AB206, AB412 and AW 139 helicopters; SEI is also an AgustaWestland authorized service center while SEI of America, in Philadelphia (PA), operates under the FAA FAR 145 approval on AgustaWestland helicopters.

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