Alliances and economic recovery get a major impetus from the US aerospace sales, nearly half of which are exported, according to Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) president and CEO Marion Blakey.

“As the industry becomes more global, a modernised export control system will help our industry compete in the international marketplace, grow jobs and expedite our economic recovery,” Blakey said.

The US Congress has also played an instrumental role in the recent export control modernisation initiatives, by reducing licensing times at the State Department to an average of 15 days as well as ensuring not to treat FAA-certified components as military items.

In order to make the export control system more efficient, predictable and transparent, the AIA intends to work with the administration on its inter-agency review.

In an effort to modernise the export control system, AIA has supported in easing industry registration fees to improve the licensing process and improving the process to notify Congress of export sales.

The AIA supported provisions also include streamlining the licensing of spare and replacement parts to NATO countries and returning jurisdiction for licensing commercial satellites to the Executive Branch.