Mundus Group is forming a new AirStar Green Planet division to offer its niche unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as an aerial environmental watchdog to take air, water and ground samples.

The vertical take-off and landing UAV will have an array of robotic sampling equipment on board with laboratory-grade testing capabilities for hazardous materials, industrial waste and pollution compliance.

Evidence gathered by AirStar Green Planet equipment will be used by federal, state and local agencies to enforce legislations applicable to illegal discharges from ships, including the US Shipping Act and the Migratory Birds Convention Act.

The ‘green police’ UAV is capable of aerial monitoring smoke stacks at industrial sites for toxic emissions, which will be remotely controlled ten miles from target site of interest.

The AirStar Green Planet is also capable of ground-based testing and can collect soil samples in restricted and dangerous areas including swamps, volcanoes, and hazardous materials and industrial waste sites.

The new platform can also observe water-based testing and collect water samples in areas including wetlands, marshes, lakes, rivers, estuaries and coastal areas to guard against oil spills, illegal dumping and water pollution.