Moog has delivered an aerospace test rig to the Korean Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) to perform a range of structural and fatigue tests for helicopters.

KARI has been supplied with equipment including a hydraulic system, 256-channel HBM data acquisition system real-time ethernet-based data transfer, an ethernet interface test controller for testing helicopter rotor system.

The hydraulic system that has been installed in the Rotary Wing Aircraft Laboratory supplies the flow used in the hydraulic actuator for repetitive loading during the fatigue test.

The KARI load control system can perform 12 different tests independently with up to eight-channel control stations or one full-scale test.

The load control system can communicate seamlessly with two different data acquisition external systems giving KARI the flexibility in testing.

The system also offers efficient analysis and test comparison capabilities.

The test rig will also enable future upgrades in line with KARI’s plans to develop new facilities to run more ambitious test plans as the helicopter build programme expands.

Presently, KARI’s test programme can run eight distinct and independent component tests simultaneously.