Legacy 450 jet

The Legacy 450 is a mid-light business jet developed by Embraer Executive Jets. The aircraft was launched with the Legacy 500 business jet at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) in May 2008.

The mock-up of the Legacy 450 was displayed at the National Business Aviation Association Convention in Orlando in October 2012. The aircraft received FAA certification and type certification from the Brazilian Civil Aviation Agency in August 2015. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) type certification was awarded in September 2015. The first Legacy 450 was delivered to LMG in December 2015.

Embraer signed an agreement with AirSprint for the delivery of up to 12 Legacy 450 jets in July 2016. The first aircraft was delivered in December the same year.

Design of the Legacy 450 business jet

The Legacy 450 is designed to offer superior comfort and excellent performance at low-operating costs. It has a length of 19.15m, height of 6.74m and a wingspan of 20.25m.

The aircraft are being produced at Embraer’s plant in São Paulo, Brazil. The metallic composite structures of the aircraft and horizontal stabilisers are being built at Embraer’s Evora facility in Italy.

Flight deck and avionics of the Embraer’s aircraft

The Legacy 450 features the Pro Line Fusion integrated flight deck avionics suite developed by Rockwell Collins. High-speed computers and side-stick control fitted to the flight deck provide pilots the advantage of effortless response, greater control and increased cockpit comfort.

The flight deck avionics include four 15.1in high-resolution displays, synthetic vision system (SVS) and head-up guidance system (HGS). The aircraft features full fly-by-wire flight controls, advanced surveillance and safety of flight technology, as well as enhanced situational awareness.

Details of the Legacy 450 business jet cabin

“The Legacy 450 is designed to offer superior comfort and excellent performance at low operating costs.”

The cabin of the aircraft has seating for seven to nine passengers. It was designed in association with BMW Designworks USA. It features a 1.82m stand-up cabin with a flat floor.

The cabin has a width of 2.08m, length of 6.83m and a volume of 20.4m³. All cabin seats feature recline and swivel options. The centre club seats can be used as full berths. The aircraft features spacious windows aptly located next to the seats.

The cabin facilities include a 40ft³ internal baggage compartment. The aircraft also has an external main baggage compartment with a volume of 110ft³.

Light business jet engine and performance

The legacy 450 aircraft is powered by two HTF7500E engines manufactured by Honeywell. The two engines each generate approximately 6,080lb of maximum thrust. The engines feature Fluidlastic mounts developed by LORD Corporation. The first engine test was completed in August 2010. The critical design review (CDR) for the engine mount solution of the aircraft was completed in October 2011.

The aircraft can cruise at a speed of 893km/h. The service ceiling of the aircraft is 14,000m. The maximum range is 2,900nm (5,370.8km). The take-off distance of the aircraft is 1,524m, while the landing distance is 609.6m. The take-off weight of the aircraft is 17,690kg.

Legacy 450 contractors and suppliers

In September 2008, Meggitt Fluid Controls was awarded with a contract to provide pneumatic bleed air system for Legacy 450 aircraft. Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems was also awarded with a contract during the same year to deliver the wheel, carbon brake and brake control systems for the aircraft.

“The legacy 450 aircraft is powered by two HTF7500E engines manufactured by Honeywell.”

PPG Aerospace was awarded with a $38m contract to manufacture cockpit windows for the Legacy 450 aircraft in May 2009. The windshields are being produced at PPG’s Huntsville aircraft products facility. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics was awarded with a contract to provide nose radomes for Legacy 450 aircraft in October 2009.

In May 2010, Hartzell Aerospace was awarded with a $50m contract for the design, testing and supply of low-pressure ducting system for the aircraft.

BAE Systems was awarded with a contract to supply flight control computers for the aircraft in October 2010.

Crane Aerospace & Electronics was awarded with a contract to provide landing gear and hydraulic control units for the Legacy 450 aircraft in March 2011.

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