Gulfstream Aerospace launched the G700 business jet at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) in Los Angeles, US, in October 2019.

The aircraft joined a comprehensive range of business jets, including G600, G650 and G500. The range is on offer by the American aerospace and defence company General Dynamics’ subsidiary Gulfstream.

The company conducted Gulfstream G700 lab testing of 14,000 hours, which involved engine runs, loads calibration, ground vibration testing and evaluation of structural elements.

G700 aircraft launch customer Qatar Airways ordered ten jets for its charter service Qatar Executive in October 2019.

Flexjet will add the G700 aircraft to its fleet of ultra-long-range business jets, including Gulfstream G650 ER, Gulfstream G500 and Gulfstream G450.

Gulfstream Aerospace is expected to deliver the G700 aircraft to its customers in 2022.

Gulfstream G700 design and features

The twin-engine business jet features a low-wing monoplane design, which is based on the G650. The fuselage has swept wings with winglets on their tips.

The Gulfstream G700 integrates the best features of other Gulfstream jets, including G650, G600 and G500. The jet uses an avionics-based system for monitoring and controlling the engine, take-off and landing performance, as well as safety measures.

The aircraft is 33.48m-long, 7.75m-high and has a wingspan of 31.39m. It has an optimal take-off weight of 48,807kg and a payload capacity of 2,896kg.

Gulfstream G700 business jet flight deck and avionics

The business jet features a Honeywell Symmetry Flight Deck equipped with integrated touchscreen controllers for system controls, flight management, communication, checklists, and weather forecast.

“The aircraft is equipped with two Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines that can produce a thrust of 18,250lbf each.”

The aircraft has a next-generation flight management system (NGFMS), which is optimised for future air traffic management (ATM) that helps to improve fuel efficiency, offer better safety measures, as well as reduce crew workload and direct costs involved in business jet operations.

The flight deck design and automation, including active control sidesticks, enable pilots to reduce their workload during long flights. Other systems aboard the flight deck include an enhanced fight vision system with dual head-up display, synthetic vision with dual head-up displays, and primary flight display. A predictive landing performance system is also installed to enable safe landing.

Cabin details

The Gulfstream G700 business jet features a long cabin with five living areas, which can be configured into a lounge or crew compartment, a dining / conference room, and a master suite. Designed with a major emphasis on lifestyle and space, the cabin offers the lowest cabin altitude in its class.

It can accommodate up to 19 passengers, while ten people can comfortably sleep in the living areas. The aircraft’s cabin is suitable for organising meetings and dining-in.

The aircraft is equipped with advanced circadian lighting system, integrating white and amber LEDs. Its larger windows provide natural light into the living areas. The lighting system reduces the impact of passenger jet-lag.

The G700’s cabin has a height of 1.91m, width of 2.49m and an overall length of 19.41m, including the baggage compartment with a storage volume of 5.52m³. Featuring artificial intelligence (AI) and ergonomic design, the cabin is also equipped with Jet ConneX Ka-band Wi-Fi.

Gulfstream G700 engines and performance

The aircraft is equipped with two Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines that can produce a thrust of 18,250lbf each. The engine delivers a 12% higher thrust-to-weight ratio and 5% fuel efficiency.

Developed solely for Gulfstream G700 aircraft, the Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engine features a four-stage high-efficiency low-pressure turbine (LPT) and a new ultra slim-line nacelle.

The Gulfstream G700 business jet can fly at a cruise speed of Mach 0.9, while its maximum operating Mach number is 0.925. It can reach an altitude of 15,545m. The highest operational range of the aircraft will be 13,890km.