The ACJ TwoTwenty is a new business jet launched by Airbus Corporate Jets in October 2020. It belongs to the Airbus A220 family, which is one of the cleanest, quietest, and most eco-friendly aircraft in its category.

The aircraft has been classified as an Xtra Large Bizjet, offering a flexible cabin catalogue to address the requirements in the categories of heavy and long-range business jet.

The business jet offers optimal reliability and lower training and spare costs, reducing operating costs by one-third and ensuring better value retention versus its counterparts.

The ACJ TwoTwenty will provide a new value proposition to business aviation buyers. The aircraft will combine intercontinental range, personal space, and state-of-the-art technology.

Airbus received an order for two aircraft from Comlux while four jets were ordered by undisclosed customers in October 2020. The first ACJ TwoTwenty business jet will enter service in 2023.

ACJ TwoTwenty design and features

The ACJ TwoTwenty features a clean-sheet design based on Airbus A220-100, which will employ 40% advanced materials and fly-by-wire to offer enhanced connectivity, lower operating costs, and improved reliability.

"It belongs to the Airbus A220 family, which is one of the cleanest, quietest, and most eco-friendly aircraft in its category."

The advanced materials being used in the construction will ensure light weight with five times more resistance to corrosion. The aircraft’s increased range will enable it to fly up to 10,460km (over 12 flight hours), directly connecting city pairs such as London and Los Angeles, Tokyo and Dubai, as well as Beijing and Melbourne.

With an ability to take-off from the same airports as competing business jets and occupying the same parking space, the ACJ TwoTwenty will have three times bigger cabin space. It will have a length of 35m and a height of 11.5m with a wingspan of 35.1m and fuselage diameter of 3.30m.

ACJ TwoTwenty interiors

The aircraft can accommodate 18 passengers and more than 100 bags. It will have a flexible cabin catalogue to provide the optimal interior arrangements that can be built in for the passengers to work, unwind, dine, or rejuvenate in a cabin specifically designed for their special needs and taste. The aircraft’s cabin will measure 23.8m long, 3.3m wide, and 2.11m high, while the cabin floor area and cabin volume will be 73m² and 143m² respectively.

The aircraft will offer personal space for over six VIP living areas. It will provide selected interior arrangements and handcrafted furnishing. The connectivity inside the cabin will be two times better than its competitors with a Wi-Fi system throughout the aircraft, LED lighting, and smart cabin control features such as electro-chromatic windows.

The modern design will also integrate advanced soundproofing materials, a temperature control system, HEPA filters, and an integrated cabin humidification system that will refresh cabin air every three minutes with one-way air flow.

The ACJ TwoTwenty will feature a fully equipped bar and an eight-guest table for gourmet meals. It will have a US-king size bed, a fully private bathroom with a rain shower, and a 55in/4K large screen. USB sockets at each seat along with credenzas and cabinets with inductive chargers will enable better connectivity.

Comlux was selected to outfit the first 15 ACJ TwoTwenty cabins at its ACJ-approved completion centre in Indianapolis.

Engines and performance

The aircraft will be powered by two PW1500G geared turbofan (GTF™) engines to provide significant environmental and economic benefits. It will offer a double-digit reduction in fuel consumption, up to 75% reduction in noise footprint, and up to 50% reduction in NOx emissions.

The ACJ TwoTwenty will be able to fly at a maximum altitude of 12,500m. It will have a maximum takeoff weight (MOW) of up to 63.1t, maximum landing weight (MLW) of 54.2t, and maximum zero fuel weight (MZFW) of 52.2t.