British spaceflight company Virgin Galactic has deferred its next crewed spaceflight test to later this month.

In September, the company revealed its plans to conduct the flight test as early as 21 October.

However, the company in its latest updates revealed that the flight test is now scheduled to take place between 19 and 23 November.

With two test pilots on board the spacecraft, this will be the company’s first of the two flight it plans to conduct to complete testing of its SpaceShipTwo spacecraft system.

Virgin Galactic chief executive officer Michael Colglazier said: “During the quarter we made good progress completing the final steps to prepare for VSS Unity’s first rocket-powered test flight from Spaceport America this November. This will be the first-ever human spaceflight conducted from New Mexico.

“We also made meaningful progress on our second SpaceShipTwo vehicle, which we plan to unveil in the first quarter of 2021.

The company has already completed two spaceflights recognised by the federal government.

Virgin Galactic is planning to conduct two more test spaceflights before flying its founder Sir Richard Branson, which is scheduled for first quarter of 2021.

Last month, Virgin Galactic revealed that its VSS Unity is undergoing final preparations for its first spaceflight from Spaceport America in New Mexico.

Colglazier added: “As we continue to prepare for commercial launch, we will reopen ticket sales following Richard Branson’s flight in 2021. I am excited and confident in our ability to execute our vision and provide transformative experiences to people around the world.”

The company in its financial results for the third quarter ended 31 September 2020 reported a net loss of $77m, compared with a net loss of $63 million in the second quarter of 2020.