Nasa has selected 14 US-based companies as its partners to provide technology for the Moon to Mars exploration project.

The space agency has chosen the partners based on its fourth competitive Tipping Point solicitation. Each of the 14 companies will have a share in the total award value of around $43.2m.

Nasa Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) associate administrator Jim Reuter said: “These promising technologies are at a ‘tipping point’ in their development, meaning Nasa’s investment is likely the extra push a company needs to significantly mature a capability.

“These are important technologies necessary for sustained exploration of the Moon and Mars. As the agency focuses on landing astronauts on the Moon by 2024 with the Artemis programme, we continue to prepare for the next phase of lunar exploration that feeds forward to Mars.”

The selected technology proposals cover cryogenic propellant production and management, advanced avionics, autonomous operations, rover mobility, sustainable energy generation, storage, distribution and cost-effective propulsion systems.

Among the 14 companies, Blue Origin will receive the highest firm-fixed-price award of $10m for its ground demonstration of hydrogen and oxygen liquefaction and storage.

Blue Canyon Technologies’ proposal will be granted $4.9m for its in-space demonstration of an autonomous navigation software solution.

Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen and Accion Systems will receive $4m and $3.9m respectively.

Other partners include OxEon Energy, Skyre, SpaceX, Paragon Space Development, TallannQuest, CU Aerospace, ExoTerra Resource, Astrobotic Technology, Intuitive Machines and Luna Innovations.

STMD will transfer the milestone payments over the course of a three-year performance period.

A small percentage of each project’s total cost will be covered by the respective industry partner.