US-based Jet It and its sister company JetClub have signed an agreement to become the launch customers for Bye Aerospace’s eFlyer 800 aircraft.

Jet It and JetClub operate in North America and Europe respectively. The agreement includes the procurement of a fleet of eFlyer 800 and four eFlyer 4 aircraft.

The all-electric twin-turboprop eFlyer 800 reduces the operating costs by up to five times when compared with the existing twin turboprops.

Jet It co-founder and CEO Glenn Gonzales said: “The evolution of travel continues with this investment in sustainable aviation.

“At $1,600 an hour, our fleet of HondaJets is by far the cost leader in private travel and also, given the incredibly low-carbon footprint of the HondaJet, extremely friendly to the environment.

“The operating efficiency and zero emissions of the eFlyer 800 will allow Jet It and JetClub to deliver more value to travellers by further reducing the cost to travel while driving towards zero-net emissions.”

Slated to be operational by 2025, eFlyer 800 will be the first-to-market all-electric seven-passenger aircraft.

The aircraft can cruise at a speed of 320k at an altitude of 35,000ft.

Jet It will operate the first fleet of electric aircraft in North America.

Bye Aerospace CEO George Bye said: “The remarkable economy and flight performance from eFlyer 800 is ideal for Jet It, JetClub and their customers in the United States, Canada, Europe and beyond.”

Earlier this month, urban air mobility service provider Halo ordered 200 electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft from Embraer’s Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions.