FLYHT and ATP CaseBank have collaborated to jointly create an aircraft health monitoring system application to enhance reliability.

The partners will work to produce an application known as the Aircraft Health Monitoring System (AHMS). The solution will allow for better diagnosis and subsequent repair by identifying and communicating potential and existing aircraft health issues.

ATP CaseBank chief operations officer Chris Lewis said: “This new partnership with FLYHT delivers the two things the aviation industry values most when it comes to maintenance – efficiency and accuracy.

“CaseBank’s advanced troubleshooting ecosystem coupled with the dynamic on-board data capture capabilities of FLYHT allows airlines to detect and fix emerging faults sooner than previously possible, often prior to failure.”

The benefits offered by AHMS can be divided into three main groups.

The application is capable of automatically detecting and capturing important diagnostics data covering all of the aircraft’s features or parts in real-time.

The new innovation is expected to help airlines to fix problems even before they affect the aircraft’s serviceability. It also enables them to perform aircraft maintenance proactively, thereby avoiding future flight delays or cancellations.

FLYHT chief executive officer Tom Schmutz said: “FLYHT offers real-time reporting of aircraft faults and the ability to query aircraft systems for diagnostic information.

“CaseBank’s Spotlight adds the intelligent database to guide the query and diagnose the fault. A real-time problem can be identified and quantified before the aircraft even lands.”