UAE flag carrier Emirates has reportedly warned Boeing that it would not take delivery of the 777x wide-body aircraft if the latter fails to meet contractual commitments.

In a pre-recorded interview broadcast on 24 May, Emirates CEO Sir Tim Clark raised concerns regarding the Boeing 777X aircraft delivery programme.

According to Clark, the performance details of the plane’s engines are yet to be received even though test flights commenced last year, reported Reuters.

Clark also added that in the recent past, Boeing has over-promised on the performance of new aircraft, including the 737 MAX and 787 Dreamliner.

Emirates stated that it will not take delivery of an aircraft unless it completely performs 100% according to the contract.

Emirates operates a fleet of approximately 140 Boeing 777-300s and 115 Airbus A380s.

The company has currently ordered 126 777x and 30 787s, which are valued at more than $50bn at list prices with Boeing.

Emirates was scheduled to receive the first Boeing 777X aircraft deliveries last year but was subsequently pushed to 2022 and later to 2023.

The carrier now believes that it would begin to take delivery of Boeing 777X aircraft only after 2024.