Canada-based CAE has signed a training services agreement with corporate aviation service company Directional Aviation Capital (DAC).

Under the $85m agreement, CAE will form a joint venture (JV) with DAC affiliate Volo Sicuro and acquire a 50% stake in comprehensive learning institution SIMCOM.

CAE president and CEO Marc Parent said: “Our investment in SIMCOM is another step in the expansion of CAE’s business aviation training business that gives us access to a rapidly growing customer base as Directional Aviation affiliates’ exclusive training partner for the next 15 years.”

“Both CAE and Directional are recognised for their innovative approach to business aviation, and we look forward to working with Directional affiliates and business partners and providing them with the most technologically enriched training programmes, including our state-of-the-art simulation products and advanced digital solutions.”

DAC-affiliated aircraft operators Flight Options, Flexjet, Flairjet, Nextant Aerospace, Sirio and Corporate Wings will also partner with SIMCOM and CAE in a 15-year training services agreement.

In order to enhance the training offering, SIMCOM will buy equipment from CAE, which will include five flight simulators.

DAC principal Kenn Ricci said: “Directional Aviation is charting the course of private aviation worldwide.  Today, we operate one of the largest business aviation fleets globally, and we plan on having significant growth in the future.”

Earlier this month, CAE signed a ten-year cadet pilot training programme with Southwest Airlines.

As part of Southwest Airlines’ Destination 225° Pilot Career Development programme, more than 700 new professional pilots would be trained at CAE’s aviation academy in Phoenix, Arizona, US.