Aerostructures maker Stelia Aerospace and commercial aircraft manufacturer Bombardier have partnered for a new research and technology (R&T) project.

The Aile Intelligente et Légère pour l’Environnement or Intelligent and Light Wing for Environment (AILE) project is part of the third phase of eco-friendly aircraft development.

The aircraft is known as Systèmes Aéronautiques d’Avant-Garde pour l’Environnement or Cutting-edge Aeronautical Systems for Environment (SA2GE-3). The project is supported by the Government of Québec.

Under the three-year partnership, Stelia Aerospace will develop thermoplastic composite based high-lift trailing edge flap.

As part of the project, Stelia aerospace’s R&T teams from Canada and France will collaborate in designing and scaling of the structure. The company’s North America business will develop the tooling and the Scale 1 demonstrator.

Stelia Aerospace CEO Cédric Gautier said: “This new project with Bombardier highlights our wish to build strong links with our customer and will enable us to pursue our skill development strategy while developing our footprint in Canada in terms of research & technology.”

Additionally, Quebec company Fusia Impression 3D Metal will assist Stelia Aerospace in production and designing of 3D print metal hinges and Canadian National Research Centre (CNRC).

The company’s metal research projects will offer the expertise and resources on thermoplastic composite materials.

The two companies have already collaborated for three years while this is the first project that aims at reducing the cycle time in the production of a metallic wing frame for business jets.