UK company BAE Systems has been contracted to support aircraft manufacturer Aerion Supersonic’s new AS2 supersonic business jet.

As part of this agreement, BAE Systems will develop and integrate a fly-by-wire flight control system for the new aircraft.

The new flight control system will include components such as active inceptors, primary flight control computers, actuator control units, and remote electronics units.

Aerion chairman, president and chief executive officer Tom Vice said: “BAE Systems’ extensive industry experience and innovative product portfolio enable us to create a technologically advanced and reliable flight control system tailored to the unique needs of the AS2 supersonic business jet.

“We are delighted to expand our long-standing relationship with BAE Systems and for them to join our growing team of globally-renowned technical partners who will support bringing the AS2 to production.”

BAE Systems’ active inceptors feature electronically controlled actuators and are designed to provide static and dynamic tactile force feedback through the flight stick to AS2 pilots.

Aerion’s AS2 private jet is one of the first aircraft to fly solely with synthetic fuel and reach supersonic speeds.

Last December, Aerion Supersonic selected GKN Aerospace to support the preliminary design phase of the AS2 supersonic business jet.

Last month, aerospace and spaceport development authority Space Florida announced a multimillion-dollar investment in Aerion Supersonic to advance recruitment and develop its new Aerion Park design and production campus.