Airbus Helicopters is inviting all major stakeholders in the industry to join its newly created Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) User Group.

The new initiative is dedicated to the rotary-wing community and seeks to fast-track the use of blended SAF kerosene.

It will address challenges concerning the deployment of biofuels while supporting industry commitments to reduce CO₂ levels.

The SAF User Group plans to jointly work towards implementing 100% SAF flights for future fleets.

Airbus Helicopters executive vice-president, engineering and chief technical officer Stefan Thomé said: “We welcome all helicopter operators, engine manufacturers, fuel system suppliers, energy companies, fuel providers, handling companies, and all other stakeholders in the industry willing to pioneer sustainable aerospace with us.”

Airbus’ helicopters are certified to operate flights on a 50% SAF kerosene blend.

The aircraft manufacturer commits to support a decarbonisation movement across the industry, including carbon-neutral growth from last year and a 50% reduction in CO₂ emissions.

It is also part of the ‘Emission and Climate Impact of Alternative Fuels’ (ECLIF3) consortium, which launched an in-flight emissions study leveraging 100% SAF on passenger aircraft in March this year.

SAF is produced using residual and waste material including used vegetable oils and fats. It reduces CO₂ emissions and has no adverse effect on agricultural food production.

Airbus Helicopters recently entered an agreement with German firm ZF Friedrichshafen to acquire ZF Luftfahrttechnik to strengthen its maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) capabilities.