Top tweets on commercial aerospace in December 2019

1. Flightradar24’s tweet on 737 MAX 8

Flightradar24, a provider of real time flight tracker, tweeted on a Norwegian 737 MAX 8 being ferried from Helsinki to Copenhagen. The aircraft had to fly with its flaps down to avoid the Manoeuvring Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) from activating, which has been responsible for two deadly air crashes in 2018 and 2019.

Username: Flightradar24

Twitter handle: @flightradar24

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2. ICAO’s tweet on International Civil Aviation Day

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a specialised agency of the United Nations, tweeted on the occasion of International Civil Aviation Day, which is celebrated on 7th December. International Civil Aviation Day was established in 1994 as part of the 50th anniversary of the formation of the ICAO.

The year 2019 was significant as it marked the 75th year of signing of the 1944 Convention on International Civil Aviation and formation of the ICAO.

Username: ICAO

Twitter handle: @icao

Retweets: 79

Likes: 170

3. Boeing Defense’s tweet on MV-22 Osprey aircraft delivery

Boeing Defense, the space and security division of The Boeing Company, tweeted on the delivery of the upgraded MV-22 Osprey multi-mission, tiltrotor military aircraft to the United States Marine Corps (USMC).

The aircraft is being upgraded under the Common Configuration – Readiness and Modernization (CC-RAM) programme of the USMC. Bell Boeing was awarded a $14tn contract to upgrade nine MV22 Osprey aircraft under the programme. The next upgraded aircraft is expected to be delivered in 2020 while all deliveries are scheduled for completion in March 2022.

Username: Boeing Defense

Twitter handle: @BoeingDefense

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4. Bombardier Inc.’s tweet on Wright Brothers Day

Bombardier Inc., a manufacturer of business jets, public transport vehicles and train sets, tweeted on the occasion of Wright Brothers Day, which celebrates the first successful flight of a mechanically propelled airplane. The company noted that in 1909 the Short Brothers won five orders and UK manufacturing rights to manufacture six Wright Flyers.

Username: Bombardier Inc.

Twitter handle: @Bombardier

Retweets: 40

Likes: 90

5. Pratt & Whitney’s tweet on GTF engine

Pratt & Whitney, a manufacturer of aircraft engines and auxiliary power units, tweeted on the GTF engine. The tweet was in response to a tweet by Airbus congratulating Air Canada on the delivery of the new A220 aircraft.

Pratt & Whitney noted that the GTF engine plays a major role in providing increased fuel efficiency for the Airbus A220 aircraft.

Username: Pratt & Whitney

Twitter handle: @prattandwhitney

Retweets: 32

Likes: 204

6. Aviation Safety Net’s tweet on DC-3C aircraft

Aviation Safety Net, an aircraft accidents and safety news provider, tweeted on the report issued by Transportation Safety Board of Canada regarding the failure of a Douglas DC-3C aircraft engine operated by Buffalo Airways. The aircraft had two flight crew on-board and made a forced landing near Hay River Airport.

The crew was unharmed but the aircraft suffered significant damage due to the forced landing.

Username: Aviation Safety Net

Twitter handle: @AviationSafety

Retweets: 27

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7. Vertical Magazine’s tweet on Bell 360 Invictus

Vertical Magazine, a website covering news related to helicopters, tweeted on the use of Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PW207D1 engine as a supplemental power unit on the Bell 360 Invictus aircraft similar to the Bell 429 aircraft.

The Bell 360 Invictus aircraft will be powered by the GE T901 turboshaft while supplemental power will be supplied by the PW207D1 engine.

Username: Vertical Magazine

Twitter handle: @verticalmag

Retweets: 25

Likes: 64

8. Star Alliance’s tweet on A350

Star Alliance, a network of 26 airlines, tweeted on the delivery of the first of eight Airbus A350 XWB aircraft to Scandinavian Airlines in November 2019. The A350 XWB features a widebody aerodynamic design and is equipped with new fuel-efficient Rolls-Royce engines.

Username: Star Alliance

Twitter handle: @staralliance

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9. WestJet’s tweet on deicing of aircraft

West Jet Airlines, a Canadian airline, tweeted on the importance of deicing of aircraft, a process in which deicing fluid is sprayed on aircraft to remove snow and ice deposits. The airline highlighted the importance of deicing to ensure safety during flight.

Username: WestJet

Twitter handle: @WestJet

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10. AirlineGeeks’ tweet on replacement of Boeing 757 fleet by United Airlines

AirlineGeeks, a website covering news related to airlines, tweeted about United Airlines’ plans to replace its aging Boeing 757 fleet with 50 new Airbus A321XLR aircraft. The first A321XLR aircraft is expected to enter service in 2024.

Username: AirlineGeeks

Twitter handle: @AirlineGeeks

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