Enabling a New Era of Design Optimisation, Complexity and Functionality for Composite Structures

Additive manufacturing (AM) encompasses methods of fabrication that build objects through the successive addition of material, as opposed to subtractive methods such as CNC machining that remove material until a final shape is achieved.

The nature of additive manufacturing (AM) has been revolutionised with the advent of the 3D printing industry. For the past several decades, 3D printing technologies have advanced rapidly and recently reached a state of mainstream adoption, particularly for rapid prototyping.

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM®) is a patented AM technology, invented by Stratasys, which provided the basis for extrusion-based AM approaches. Bringing together the design freedom enabled by FDM, the performance of composite material systems, and the multi-axis motion control of industrial robotics, industry leaders such as Stratasys have shown the future of AM for the composites industry.

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