Stratasys 3D Printing for Aircraft Components for the Aerospace Industry

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Stratasys is a leading company offering 3D printing solutions for the aerospace industry.

The company produces 3D printers used to build lightweight parts and components for aircraft assembly, including injection moulding, jigs and fixtures, composite tooling, and prototypes. With the use of its light materials, Stratasys helps customers to construct cheaper mouldings and reduce aircraft weight.

3D printing systems for lightweight aircraft construction

The 3D printing systems help the aerospace industry to reduce the weight of aircraft through using lighter components to save fuel and cut emissions.

Stratasys printers can be applied to many areas of the aerospace industry, including robotic automation systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC), military and commercial aircraft assembly, and unmanned aerial vehicle production.

Aerospace clients can use Stratasys’ printers to create robotic cutting systems, low-volume composite lay-up and repair devices, and moderate temperature production sacrificial tooling. They can also mould hand-tools for applications such as vehicle construction and testing, while users can create complex inspection templates for the manufacturing of aircraft.

Stratasys’ additive manufacturing tools deliver complex models that cannot be constructed using other methods. By working with approved resources users can create reliable products that are safe to apply to industrial applications.

High-quality composite tooling for aircraft construction

Construction of aerospace tools and flight performance is enhanced through the streamlined use of Stratasys’ 3D printers to develop robust and lightweight parts.

Stratasys’ printing solutions have the capacity to build high-quality composite tooling such as housings and ductwork with strong, certified materials, while 3D printer users can carry out last-minute design alterations quickly and without any complications, helping keep the production process on schedule.

Fast prototyping and injection moulding for aerospace designs

Stratasys offers aerospace customers fast prototyping and injection moulding solutions, which often require costly and inefficient tooling and manufacturing methods.

As well as enabling quicker responses to market changes, the company’s 3D printing systems support users to repeat processes rapidly and manage their projects effectively through faster decision-making.

The company’s design-building methods enable clients to tailor projects according to individual requirements, while cutting assembly costs and production times using lightweight products.

Fittings and airworthy parts quickly go from concept to construction in Stratasys’ advanced 3D printers.

Cost-effective jigs and fixture printing for individual aerospace projects

The company’s 3D printers create jigs and fixtures rapidly and at an affordable cost. When making repairs and renovations using tools or parts, the high costs of complicated machining are avoided. By using Stratasys’ 3D printing solutions, customers can effortlessly shape flightworthy parts from resilient thermoplastics.

About Stratasys

For more than 25 years, Stratasys has been a leader of advanced and economical 3D printing innovation, cutting individual business costs by up to 92%.

With its additive industrial processes and materials, the company offers manufacturing, performance and supply chain improvement benefits to the aerospace industry.

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Press Release

Stratasys Exhibiting at the Composites Meetings Event

Stratasys will be attending the Composites Meetings event between 8-9 November to exhibit its 3D printing solutions for the aerospace industry.

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