Azerbaijani private cargo carrier Silk Way West Airlines has placed an order with Boeing for five 777 Freighters.

This is the first procurement of the long-range, high-capacity twin-engine freighter in the Caspian region and Central Asia. It will increase Silk Way West Airlines’ capacity to meet the global cargo demand.

The carrier currently operates five 747-8 Freighters and seven 747-400 Freighters. The addition of 777 Freighters will increase the private cargo operator’s operational flexibility.

Silk Way Group president Zaur Akhundov said: “This deal is an incremental part of our fleet renewal and our commitment to meet our customers’ expectations.

“I am confident that the acquisition of new freighters will further strengthen our leading position on the global air freight market for the next 15 to 20 years.”

The 777 Freighter is a long-range twin-engine freighter with a range of 9,200km and can carry a maximum payload of 102,000kg.

The aircraft features a 3.72m-wide main deck side cargo door to enable transportation of outsized cargo loads.

All these features benefit the operator as the airline will make fewer stops and reduces landing fees on long-haul routes.

Since 2005, customers have ordered 247 777 aircraft.

In a separate development, Boeing has suspended deliveries of its 737 Max after more than 100 of the aircraft were grounded earlier this month due to an electrical issue.