AIS Spare Parts and Components, and MRO Services

AIS is an FAA AC 00-56 accredited aviation parts and materials distributor for commercial airlines and overhaul shops worldwide. Established in 1986, AIS is managed and staffed by professionals who have vast experience, knowledge and training.

Our capabilities include:

  • Regulatory FAA / EASA advisory circulars and standards
  • Materials management, procurement, shipping, receiving, warehousing and quality control of commercial airplane components
  • Interfacing with pre-approved repair shops to facilitate customer components repairs
  • Obtaining airlines surplus either through direct purchases or consignments
  • Support with rotable exchange programs
  • Supplying client airlines with required commissary demands
  • Procurement of ground power equipment

Fleet support services

The AIS motto is to appreciate and look at things from the client’s perspective. Quality assurance, fast delivery, credit facilities and economical pricing are our proven goals. Completion of the paperwork for total trace of each unit and proper packaging are important factors in handling all of our local and international shipments. We show our commitment to our customers by:

  • An AOG service that is second to none
  • Delivering measurable value
  • Understanding and quickly resolving challenges
  • Mutual trust and respect
  • Minimizing risk and lost opportunity
  • Positioning for improved growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction

Whether your need is to buy our products, give us your consignments or sell to us your surplus, we can be your extended arm at JFK / NY.

Aircraft spare parts and components

Besides supporting existing fleets, AIS also offers phased out initial provisioning for:

  • Recommended spare parts list (RSPL)
  • Limited and all large airline fleets such as Boeing, Airbus, Fokker and Bombardier
  • Kit package for all types of filters and fly away kit components
  • Rental program for high value items
  • Lubricants, chemicals and raw materials
  • Consumables and standard hardware

AIS creates consolidated blanket purchase orders based on the Boeing recommended list and stagger deliveries so that the airline would have perpetual inventory without burdening its financial investment.

Buyer furnished equipment (BFE)

Sometimes, as the experience of AIS attests, BFE become the critical line for the delivery of the aircraft and create havoc in all directions. This requires on-hand close coordination and they are very hard to remote control due to time zone limitations. Here again AIS will be more than happy to offer our AOG 24/7 service.

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One Cross Island Plaza

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United States of America

Warehouse : (718) 949-2137 Sales : (718) 949-3300 (718) 949-9898