As Covid-19 has created a new wave of remote workers, these digital nomads may increase demand for long-haul routes as they are no longer tied down to one specific location.

Around 3.1 billion passengers traveled on a long haul flight in 2019, surpassing that of the total passengers who traveled on a short haul flight (2.6 billion). As restrictions are eased across the globe, long-haul flight routes may experience a quicker recovery as more individuals are working from home and can work anywhere in the world, as long as they have a computer and online connectivity. Short haul trips are significantly cheaper but in the current climate, wherever a tourist ventures, they will be likely to have to pay for a test or face isolation at a destination, possibly making a long distance trip more attractive.

Demand for working remotely is growing

Worldwide, many individuals are now working from home and for some, this may become permanent as businesses look to cut costs in order to remain viable. GlobalData’s live tracker on the Verdict site found that out of 4,317 respondents, 46% would prefer a mix of both remote and office working, whilst 28% would aim to work remotely full-time (as of 17th November 2020).

When remote working, individuals have the opportunity to opt for a trip to a destination which is longer in distance and duration, whilst continuing their work – an option which gives long-haul travel a greater chance of a speedier recovery.

Travel corridor between UAE and UK may strike an opportunity

The UAE is one of the latest nations to be added to the UK travel corridor list. The UK is currently under a ‘national lockdown’, but Emirates eagerly declared it will re-launch flights between Dubai and the UK. Long haul travel specialists, such as Gold Medal, have also already noted an uptick in demand from the UK market.

Already known as a ‘winter-sun’ destination, the UAE is a popular destination for many UK travelers – Brits featured as the third largest inbound source market in 2019. With tourists more likely to spend a longer length of time in a long haul destination, travel and tourism companies should not only be promoting a warmer climate, but the strength of connectivity in destinations such as the bustling Emirati capital of Abu Dhabi or Dubai to captivate traveler interests, stimulating desire to work in an office ‘away from home’.

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