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  1. New wing shape could reduce vortex and wake

    15 May
  2. Soft magnetic circuits can measure stress in composite materials

    11 May
  3. Solar-powered UAV to remain in orbit for up to a year

    3 May
  4. Osprey to provide Virgin Atlantic with AI security and operations solution

    25 Apr
  5. Algorithm enables satellites to derive data from obscured oceans

    18 Apr
  6. Reaction Engines continues to develop Mach 25 SABRE programme

    12 Apr
  7. First Australia-UK non-stop flight completes journey

    26 Mar
  8. Floating AI robot assistant to accompany ISS astronauts

    6 Mar
  9. Goonhilly antenna upgrade will support deep space missions

    23 Feb
  10. NASA building supersonic X-plane that will be quieter than Concorde

    15 Feb