Demand for ultra-large Airbus and Boeing aircraft is expected to grow in 2010, despite tough market conditions following the economic crisis.

Boeing chief executive James McNerney was quoted by Flightglobal as saying that the market would witness thaw towards the later half of 2010.

The Boeing cargo 747-8F, rather than the 747-8I passenger model, is likely to receive more orders in the near term.

Airbus chief operating officer customers John Leahy previously said the number of A380 orders this year would probably be around ten, according to Flightglobal.

“We’re still in a bit of a recession, and in down periods, the 747/A380 category is the one that the big carriers tend put off ordering,” Leahy said.

In 2009, Airbus and Boeing orders for the ultra-large airliners totalled nine aircraft, comprising four A380s and five 747-8s, of which three 747s were cancelled.