The European Space Agency’s Tranquillity node (Node-3) and the Cupola observation module are both ready for launch and have been officially handed over to Nasa.

Tranquility is one of the three interconnecting modules for the International Space Station (ISS) that enables the interconnection and management of the various pressurised modules.

Node 3 will complete and extend the station, providing water recycling and oxygen regeneration functions and removing toxic substances, monitoring and measuring all elements.

Tranquillity will also house Cupola and provide further docks for future space vehicles.

The Cupola observation module will be moved to the Earth-facing port of node 3 after its connected to the station, to provide a robotic control tower for the ISS with a stunning view of Earth for the station’s crew.

The Tranquillity node has been integrated with the Cupola module in preparation for the launch and final activities will take place after the handover.

The node and the module will be transported to the ISS on STS-130 mission aboard the space shuttle Endeavour.